Cedele @ raffles city

There are two branches of cedele in raffles city, but you can only dine in in the one at level 3.

always my favourite order, wild blueberry pancakes. I adore them for the lovely blueberries that spot the fluffy pancakes and the deliciously fragrant maple syrup that accompanies it. I ordered it without the herbed sausages this time but they actually taste pretty good too. Not the usual sodium high sausages you find in nutc. I don’t eat my pancakes with butter but the knobs of butter have specks of vanilla in them. The salad side of butterhead lettuce was bleh >_>

The seafood risotto looked pretty but in my humble opinion was a huge failure. I never tasted risotto before but if it is supposed to taste like cedele’s rendition – hard grains of rice with an insanely gelat tomato based sauce- I don’t think i will ever order it again. The only saving grace was the generous seafood ingredients of mussels and prawns. Expectedly, this dish did not elicit any wow from the friend unlike the time when we ordered seafood linguine.

The place is a little stuffy, I much prefer the one at wheelock. But I realise that they gave me 3 pancakes this time, whereas in the one at wheelock I only got 2 😛