Maxwell Food centre and a little surprise

What was supposed to be nice and relaxing lunch at maxwell food centre turned out to be a rushed one. This was all thanks to the power trip at home and the fact that the stalls we frequent were all closed 😦 Ah well.

Dad’s favourite teochew porridge stall was not open, so he settled with zhen zhen porridge. Simple hokkien style porridge ( the watery consistency instead of the starchy and thick version) with side dishes of your choice. Dad commented that the flesh of his fish was hard albeit fresh. He still much prefers the version that the teochew porridge has. I suppose they use a different type of fish? The food here is very homey, nothing fancy or worth raving about, but nothing to diss either. So if you just want to ‘jia mui’ this stall should suit you well.

I opted for a boring classic- dry fishball noodles

They came from yan kee noodle house. I like the noodles, done al dente and pretty satisfying. However, i had to drench them with quite a lot of accompanying soup becuase they were clumped together after sitting around for a few minutes. The fish balls were boring to say the least. I would have appreciated fresher lettuce leaves instead of the pathetic wilted ones that were provided. Then again, i shouldn’t be complaining about this since it cost me only 2 bucks should I?

The food here is generally simplistic hawker food served at really good prices. The hainanese chicken rice stall has a perenially long queue so give it a shot if you like chicken rice. I also love the ah bo ling with peanut soup. The uncle only sells a few traditional hot desserts like tao suan, peanut soup and pulau hitam.

On a brighter note, guess what dad bought me from US?

Yay! my first apple product 😛 The ipad is essentially a larger version of the itouch. But i personally prefer this larger screen coz it makes note taking and reading books easier. It’s really light and has tons of apps available for downloading. I’m sure it will come useful when I am in uni 😀

A few more months and my uni life will start! I can’t wait to get back to work. I will NEVER be a taitai. Sitting at home with nothing to do is seriously debilitating. I truly admire all housewives who sacrificed their work life to take care of their kids. I don’t think i will ever have the courage to do that!