Audi Fashion Festival Singapore 2010 ( Alldressedup)

On Saturday, mum invited me to join her for the Audi Fashion festival outside ngee ann city. Despite thoughts of the blistering heat, I accepted it thinking it’ll be fun to do some fashion photography for a change!

Surprise surprise, they built a huge tentage which was fully air conditioned inside for the event 😀 Awesome!

Free flow of white wine and coke light. Sitting in the middle of the room was a beautiful white audi sports car named spyder (or something to that extent). One of the organizers told me during the night before, the colour of the car was midnight blue. I think I prefer midnight blue!

The cook making finger food for the guests.

Meanwhile, I kept glancing at the bosch kitchen mixer at the side. I want a new mixer ;_; mine belongs to the junk yard. haha

Nothing fancy. Just some wafer topped with some meat ( pork?? It was so tasteless I could not even discern it! ) and mango chutney. The fats were really… elastic. But the combination was a nice enough to go with my coke light.

This was supposed to be my seat…… But mum’s friend saw that I had a camera and gave me her all access pass. So I happily positioned myself at the photographer’s gallery. I noted that I was the only one there not in black (oops), one of the few girls and the only one dressed so casually ( striped t-shirt and a jeans skirt). Plus, my heels made it difficult for me to sit on the floor/stand! See all the sacrifices I make just to get a good shot?? xD

Mediacorp stars! Pierre Png was really sweet to his wife (: And I bumped into him at the exit! The only guy that I’ve seen who is that nice to his wife is well… my dad xD

Jeanette Aw looked stunning in her black number.

The clothes shown were all very wearable. I particularly like the black leather jacket with zips and the long navy blue dress ^^ But I am not a working adult yet so I can’t afford anything 😦

I’ve never been to a fashion show before so it was quite exciting for me. One thing I learnt: I must make it a point to be more fashionable the next time I go!