Shang Palace @ Shangri-La Hotel Singapore

So sorry about the horrible photos! I was lazy to take them manually so I didn’t adjust anything and used the program mode. I totally regret now x.x

Shangri-La is one of my favourite hotels in Singapore. Last time when i was in Rgs, one of the teachers refused to use the school toilets, and would come here during his break to use their toilets! I rarely eat in hotels, but mum had a conference here so dad suggested we have lunch with her before he flew to Vegas. Sigh, no dad means no car, no car means no good food to eat for 1.5 weeks x.x

They have a wide variety of teas for you to select here. But dad opted for our usual xiang pian.

Shang Palace exudes the same elegance that Shangri-La has. The theme colours are black and red with some greenish brown (think aged avocado xD) patterned walls. As you can see above, the design of their teacups resemble their logo (a red petaled flower).

The steamed turnip cake paled in comparison to our favourite rendition at crystal jade. (note: they offer pan fried on their dim sum menu but we requested to change it to steamed. Dad has high cholesterol so we are abstaining from fried food and red meat)

The cute bamboo holders that held our xiao long bao did little to enhance its flavours. Again, this dish fell short of our expectations. The area of skin where the folds are was tending towards the hard and dry side while the juices within were insufficient.

Char Siew Baos to the rescue! These buns were light and fluffy and the char siews within were marinated to perfection. Every bite was bursting with flavour, yums 😀

Mum and dad were busy slurping their congee. In between, they commented that it was smooth and well seasoned. Just to note, the congee here has a thick consistency, unlike the ones served in crystal jade.

I can’t remember the names of these dumplings but the skin was far too hard. The filling was nice enough but not memorable. All I can recall were chopped mushrooms ( i like any type of edible fungi :P)

Pardon me but I really have a horrible memory, I can’t remember the name of this dish! But the black bean sauce was good and packed with meaty flavour from the pork 😀

The glutinous rice wrapped in lotus leaf was as plain as it looked. While the rice was alright, the ingredients within were were sparse and chopped up into tiny cubes. Totally unacceptable.

Desserts were thankfully very very excellent.

The Cream of Avocado with vanilla ice cream, sago and pomegranate was refreshing and not cloyingly sweet. The vanilla ice cream used was normal but paired with the avocado and coconut cream puree with bits of sago and pomegranate made the whole experience out of this world 😀 Once i master the making of homemade icecream without an ice cream maker, I am going to make avocado ice cream! This dessert is a must try!

The Tang Yuan soup was sugar sweet, but the tang yuan was quite different from the usual.

For one, the skin was not the chewy sort but more of thin and firm. I certainly prefer this to thick and chewy x.x It was also a little reddish. Perhaps they use a different sort of flour? The sesame filling was more savoury that sweet. Instead of just using ground sesame, they mixed it with some whole black sesame seeds and sea salt. Interesting and very palatable. However, the best tang yuan i ever had was from Royal China in London. 3 pounds per tang yuan xD

While there were many misses in this meal, they were not totally unbearable. In fact, we managed to finish all our food! But the hits were really awesome, so I would warrant a second visit to this restaurant especially for their ala carte dishes. Service was impeccable. For example, the waiter readily changed our order to steamed instead of pan fried and our cups were frequently topped up with tea. In terms of price, there is a 15% discount for all UOB card members. Our bill totalled to $80 for 3 pax which is in my opinion, very worth it for such a fine dining experience.

2 thoughts on “Shang Palace @ Shangri-La Hotel Singapore

  1. Shang Palace is well known for food, but the difference is always their service, just like Hai Tian Lo at Pan Pacific and Yan Ting at St Regis. The attention to details and friendly service will make the dining experience complete.

    • I totally agree with that, my family and I had a great dining experience. But many dim sum dishes just didn’t hit the mark for us unfortunately. Have you tried any of their ala-carte dishes?

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