Seeing Red @ ann siang hill

Inspired by one of my favourite bloggers parisbreakfasts, I decided to create a photography assignment for myself that focuses on all things red.

Red dot traffic building. I wonder what is inside…

Dad used to stay in amoy street when he was young ( in fact I used to visit my grandparents in their old shophouse here until the government forced them to shift out). He told me that during christmas, this church would give gifts to the children. Being poor, he and my uncles always looked forward to the free gifts.

Up the hill I go!

While walking I saw some of these chinese knots hanging.

Love the dress, hate the price.

Ann Siang hill has a lovely vibe to it. Admist the old setting of shophouses, red letter boxes and chinese knots such as those above, you find shops selling a wide variety of things such as vintage items, books and yes, cakes.

Touted as the mecca for dessert enthusiasts, how can I not come to kki when I am at ann siang hill? This is not my first time here of course 😛 Previously I came with a friend and we tried antoinette. And people online are not kidding when they praise this dessert. Even my friend who hates white chocolate (because it’s unhealthy) put aside her philosophies and happily shared it with me xD But my favourite cake has got to be kinabaru. Love the refreshing mousse and tangy passion fruit puree! But since today i’m ‘on assignment’, I decided to give the widely acclaimed strawberry tart a try.

I bake tarts myself so naturally I have high expectations for this Frangipane tart.

Presentation wise, this tart obviously scores full marks. Strawberries thinly sliced to the same thickness and cream piped so neatly evidences that it is done by a perfectionist.

I don’t fancy whipped cream, so I scraped most of it away. It’s such a pity I don’t like it because Delphine said it was imported from france and the quality was even better than President’s cream. I did taste a little and it indeed had a very pungent smell of milk and it was very light. Unfortunately, I really really abhor cream. I guess I am just scarred by all my childhood brithday cakes that had horrible whipped cream out of the can slathered on it 0.0

The sable tart base was crumbly and very crunchy. The frangipane within was moist and yummy ^^ But it’s a pity that so little custard was given! I would definitely have prefered custard as compared to cream to go with the tart strawberries.

On the whole I think I still prefer tarts with fruits drizzled with honey and baked all together. Nevertheless, I really appreciate Kenneth’s dedication to using the best ingredients and constantly improving on his desserts. Even in the custard used I saw vanilla specks and I suspect he also uses french butter given the fragrant tart base.

I will definitely be back for other new desserts that he comes up with ( lychee mousse ginger tart!). Meanwhile, my favourite is still kinabaru 😛

Seriously, they sell the weirdest things in the little drom stall…. xD