Mr Bean

Love the cute bean cartoons. They never fail to brighten my day! People usually grab a cuppa soya milk from them but i highly recommend some of the other things they offer there too 😀

Pancake with adzuki red bean filling. Get them piping hot off the griddle! the batter that they use tastes so much better than jollibean. Plus points for the auntie at dhoby xchange who painstakingly piled as much filling as possible on each pancake ( i saw her do it). Sometimes, i get miserable blobs 😦

Soya bean ice cream is another must for me at mr bean. The luscious soft serve boasts a rich soya bean flavour. Expect a smooth and creamy texture that is not as sweet or as cloying as vanilla cone at macs.

Please please, spare yourself the agony and NOT order the tang yuan. They come in only one flavour- peanut- and are possibly one of the worst ones i have ever eaten ( obviously the frozen variety).

I only started eating mr bean more often this year because they strategically situate themselves in mrt stations whereby office folk often walk past in the morning. So to all office workers out there, do yourself a favour! Grab a mr bean pancake for breakfast and soya milk ice cream for dessert after lunch. I’m sure they will brighten up your day (:


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